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Penny's Bay Quarantine Centre
Hong Kong

The Hong Kong quarantine camps (Phase 1) situated in Penny's Bay has officially commenced service, thanks to the top efficiency brought by Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) technology paired with crew team’s close cooperation and the massive performance power of modern building materials. The entire project consumed only 4 months, from scratch to finish.

Optimix has always borne the idea of sustainable development in our minds and business, we stress the importance of executing corporate social responsibility to answer to our society’s needs. In this imminent and challenging project, we swiftly provided the assembling team our TA328 Tile Adhesive (Flexible) and TG410E Tile Grout (High Performance). These products can all at once comply with HKBD’s MiC standards, HKEPD’s VOC regulations and HK Waterworks Regulation Schedule 2.

Through this exceptional MiC project, we believe in other than focusing on product R&D and sales, but also the essentiality to run a business that suits the economy, the society and the ethics to our environment!